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Vivo V7+


A job we did with Vivo India where we were approached to create some CGI renders of the phone in interesting backgrounds. We worked on 4 different kinds of backgrounds ranging from ones inspired by colour morphology, interesting mirror reflections, playing with multiple phone angle placements and also with backgrounds that contrast the phone.

The series of images below show the range of phone angles and backgrounds created to give a unique look to the campaign.

Client _ Vivo India

Vivo_Concept 2_Layout 04_revised.jpg
Vivo_Concept 2_Layout 01.jpg
Vivo_Concept 2_Layout 02.jpg
Vivo_Concept 2_Layout 03.jpg
Vivo_Concept 1_Layout 01.jpg
Vivo_Concept 1_Layout 03.jpg
Vivo_Concept 4_Layout 02.jpg
Vivo_Concept 3_Layout 05.jpg
Vivo_Concept 4_Layout 01_revised_003.jpg
Vivo_Concept 4_Layout 04.jpg