Fabelle - 4 Flavours


Continuing our close association with the brand Fabelle, we are delighted to showcase a campaign which involved extremely detailed Food CGI work. A job that entailed creation of product label artwork visuals and then once the labels were provided to us, also involved creating the product renders of the chocolate bars.

The launch of 4 unique flavours by Fabelle, Strawberry Cheesecake, Fire, Wood and Tiramisu, involved the continued idea of making these flavours come alive by visualising food art plating techniques using the ingredients and then placing the chocolate tile in the middle. The whole thing had to be created in CGI and then followed by the product renders too.

This job showcases our commitment to detailed Food CGI work and our expertise in developing such intricate and delicate visuals.

Client _ Fabelle by ITC

Agency _ Dentsu, Bangalore